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Serenity Phase 1.jpg

Serenity Phase -1 , Gurgaon

Construction Of Chintels Serenity, Gurgaon At Sector 109, Gurgaon Along Dwarka Expressway.

About Project

Discover a new standard of luxury living with our latest project, [Project Name], situated in the vibrant heart of [Location]. As a premier builder committed to excellence, we present a meticulously crafted residential development that redefines modern living.

Present Status
Work has been completed.
Completion Period
28 months
Rs. 45.78 Crores (Reinforcement steel, Cement and CLC/AAC Blocks –freesupply worth 20 Crores(approx.)
Built-up Area
4,50,000 sq. ft
Civil, Structural and Finishing Works for 4 Towers (C,D,E,F). All 4 Towers Basement + G + 20 Storeyed.
M/s Design Forum International
Serenity Phase 1.jpg
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